“I wash the dishes, the toilet sometimes” – Nollywood Actor Zack Orji

Zack Orji has frowned at men especially who don’t help out in household work. He doesn’t believe that his wife should shoulder all of the household chores or she should be relegated to the ‘Other Room.’ The veteran Nollywood actor even disclosed that he helps in household chores such as washing dishes and even washing the toilet sometimes. He said:

“I wash the dishes sometimes. It is not about showing love for one’s wife or one’s family. I just believe that since it is my house, it is something I should do. Also, when the children see such a thing, they will endeavour to emulate it. It will become a habit. Sometimes, whenever my children are reading, I will pack my plates myself to the kitchen after eating rather than disturb their reading. We have no house maids. My children sweep, cook and do other house chores. There are no cut-out roles for my wife or anybody in my house. There is no rule that says my wife must cook or do other things. I wash the toilet sometimes since everything one needs to clean the toilet is there.

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On how he handles the gorgeous ladies who swarm around him, Orji said:

“Being a celebrity does not give one a licence to misbehave. I try to be friends with everyone even when it is not convenient for me. But because of the nature of my work, one can also say I am a public property. I bend over backwards sometimes to be nice to people. The smile one puts on the face of someone might be what the person needs to brighten up for the day. If one denies the person such, he or she may develop resentment which may last for a long time.”

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