Meet The Absolutely Gorgeous Lady Meek Mill Was Cheating On Nicki Minaj With (Photos)

Sometime back, Amebo Book told you of the bangin body Meek Mill posted on his Instagram page which fuelled speculation that he had broken up with Nicki Minaj. If you missed it, click HERE . It’s understood that the lady is a popular Philly boutique owner called Sonyae.

It was for this reason that Nicki Minaj dumped Meek Mill the moment she found out. Well, even though Meek is putting up a courageous attitude as a single man publicly, he is said to be doing all he can to woo Nicki back privately.

See the lady’s photos below.

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Chai! With an absolutely stunning and successful lady like Nicki, why would Meek even think of cheating? I guess it’s all about the dog in him…LOL!


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