How 29-Year-Old ‘Kokomaster’ Identified As Olanimu Babatunde Died During Sex With Four Ladies In Lagos

29-Year-Old 'Kokomaster' Identified As Olanimu Babatunde Died During Sex With Four Ladies In Lagos

29-Year-Old ‘Kokomaster’ Identified As Olanimu Babatunde Died During Sex With Four Ladies In Lagos

Residents of Thomas Street, Lagos Island were left in shock when a 29-year-old ‘Kokomaster’ identified as Olanimu Babatunde died during sex with four ladies in Lagos. It’s understood that the tragic incident happened on March 23 at his Thomas Street, Lagos Island residence.

According to SUN NEWS ONLINE, ‘His young sex partners, now answering questions on the man’s curious death from the police, claimed that they never knew Olanimu was dead until around 4am on the fateful day when they realized he no longer responded to their touch. “We thought he was enjoying it, so we were taking turns and just having fun. It was when we realized he was no longer responding that we screamed,” one of the suspects told the police.

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Jide who was an eyewitness having rushed to the scene when he heard the girls scream, disclosed that Mr Olanimu was confirmed dead same day. It’s understood that people rushed into the deceased’s apartment only to find the lifeless body and four undressed girls. The police was then alerted and the girls arrested. In their statement to the police, the ladies said:

“We met Olanimu on Wednesday evening when we were coming from a friend’s birthday party which we attended at Surulere. We were at a bus stop when a car suddenly stopped in front of us. The driver asked where we were heading, we said we were going anywhere he was heading to. He smiled and asked us to get in. When we all got in, he enquired if we were hungry, we said yes, so he took us to a restaurant and we all ordered whatever we wanted to eat. While we ate white rice and pepper soup, Mr Olanimu ate pounded yam and egusi soup.

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After we finished eating, we continued our journey. Now, it was dark, when we arrived at Mr. Olanimu’s residence. We got out of the car and entered his apartment. While we were seated, he asked us what we wanted and we said we wanted to get high and that he should turn on the music, so he did and afterwards arranged drinks for everyone. While we drank and danced Mr Olanimu, started touching us, kissing and spraying money. Overwhelmed by happiness, we responded and equally caressed him.”

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Eventually, they all ended up in the victim’s room and continued from where they had stopped in the sitting room and had sex.

According to police investigation, the initial suspicion of poison has been ruled out. It’s gathered that Olanimu Babatunde most likely died as a result of sex induced exhaustion. The girls were released last Saturday morning on bail while the remains of the deceased had since been buried by his family.

ASP Olarinde Famous-Cole, the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, when contacted, said that he was not aware of the incident yet, but promised to investigate and confirm it later.

Sex-Crazed 29-Year-Old ‘Kokomaster’ Identified As Olanimu Babatunde Died During Sex With Four Ladies In Lagos

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