Sumaila Haleek: Mob Slit The Neck And Hacked Legs Of 24-Year-Old Man With Cutlass Over Motorcycle Theft In Tamale, Ghana

Mob Slit The Neck And Hacked Legs Of 24-Year-Old Man With Cutlass Over Motorcycle Theft

Jungle Justice: Mob Slit The Neck And Hacked Legs Of 24-Year-Old Man With Cutlass Over Motorcycle Theft

While Ghana is struggling to understand why Major Maxwell Mahama was so brutally killed by a group of misinformed people, it’s understood a mob slit the neck and hacked legs of 24-year-old man with cutlass over motorcycle theft in Tamale, Ghana.

According to reports, Sumaila Haleek is recovering at the Tamale West Hospital where he is receiving treatment for severe body damage after nine armed muscled men tortured him into coma with metal, stones, sticks, heating elements, metal wire and cutlasses for stealing a motorcycle popularly known as “Mapouka.

Sumaila Haleek was accused alongside his girlfriend for stealing an undisclosed amount of money belonging to a young man who hired them to retrieve the swags. It’s gathered that the pair allegedly stole the motorbike from the young man at lamashegu but were identified by a neighbour who witnessed the theft. When word reached the suspects that they were being looked for, they managed to escape but were arrested at Sumaila’s father’s house in Moshie Zongo by the mob and taken to a secluded spot in the bushland outskirt lamashegu where they staged the brutal assault.

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According to online reports, the mob tied Sumaila’s hands and legs and poured a liquid acid on his head to coerce a confession. The brutality even got worse when the mob heated metals and forcibly thrust through his neck leaving it partially slit.

According to Starr News, Sumaila Haleek disclosed that the attackers used cutlass to hack his legs several times and sharp objects were impaled into his skin leaving him paralyzed and in excruciating rib pains. He denied all allegations leveled against him by the mob but his attackers ignored his desperate pleas and wailing and tormented him till he became unconscious. He was then wrapped and dumped on a rubbish dump after being feared dead. He said:

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“They took me to their house and locked me up and started to beat me saying I stole their bike. And used cutlass to cut my legs and heat metal iron and they used it to rob my neck, hand and even my back. When they used the heater to rob my body, they were pouring the acid in my injuries and on my face”.

It was a Good Samaritan who witnessed the gruesome act of jungle justice meted out against Sumaila Haleek that took him to the hospital and informed his parents. His condition has stabilized after going through surgeries but with the scale of injuries, he may spend months at the hospital receiving treatment.

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The victim’s parents have so far, refused to report the case to the police saying they want him to draw lessons from the painful ordeal.

“My parents told me ‘my eye is not down’ [sic] because I’m [always] in town roaming. I’m a scammer and they told me to stop that kind thing and they would put me in work and also don’t want to stop and learn work,” Haleek indicated.

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Sumaila Haleek: Mob Unleash Jungle Justice On 24-Year-Old Man With Cutlass Over Motorcycle Theft In Tamale

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