Abuja Lady Recounts How Violent Man Bashed Her — I Haven’t Gone Home Since Then, My Mum Can’t See Me Like This”

Abuja Lady Recounts How Violent Man Bashed Her

Abuja Lady Recounts How Violent Man Bashed Her, Calls Him Out Publicly

A lot of women suffer physical abuse in the hands of men. Whatever the reason may be, no guy has the right to hit any woman. If it’s that bad, I believe it’s better that he dumps her since he can’t control her ‘habit’. Taking to Twitter, one Abuja lady recounts how a violent man bashed her.

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Read from @MissyAyom:


Abuja Lady Recounts How Violent Man Bashed Her (2)


“I am not putting this out here because I want attention, I just don’t want any lady to go through what I went through she might not be as lucky as I was to come out alive. Because from the look of things he has been doing it and is still doing it. Ladies please take note of him!”

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“It was really difficult for me to put out my story out there! The shame and the bashing /blam..i havent gone home since then, my mum can’t see me like this. What will I tell her?. I look like a mess!”

“If you know this person and how I can get him! Or if you have ever had any encounter with him please dm me.”

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Physically Abuse: Abuja Lady Recounts How Violent Man Bashed Her

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