Shocking! House Help Caught Feeding 1-Year-Old Baby Liquid Soap In Lagos

House Help Caught Feeding 1-Year-Old Baby Liquid Soap

Evildoer: House Help Caught Feeding 1-Year-Old Baby Liquid Soap

Things are really happening oh! A house help was caught feeding her madam’s 1-year-old baby liquid soap in Lagos state.

House Help Caught Feeding 1-Year-Old Baby Liquid Soap (2)

When asked the reason for her evil act, the maid said it was because she wanted to leave.

Watch the video below.





Read some comments below and share your experiences with us.

“Back in the days house help are witch but now they are evil ,kilode she want to kill the innocent baby ,instead you should have just run 🏃 away now wicked soul”

“As young as she is her hrt are so full of evil…. Oga ooooo”

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“My Sister There Is Nothing You Can Do To Those Maid That Will Plase Them …Even Creche workers can be so wicked ..I’ve seen where an elderly woman working at a creche beated a boy years old boy as if she beaten 17 years ..It only God that can take total control of all this”

“This kind girl as house help self na violation… Child abuse”

“The thing is I do have maids but u can’t even know they are maids….. Treat them just like ur own , must they easily recognise ur maid with her dress sense? Help them cos they are helping you too even though you are paying!!!! Ur kids spends much time with them than u cos u are out there hustling…….. Me o I can never live my little baby in care of a maid no way….. Creche straight or I get an elderly nanny that is at 7months but in all I still believe d way u treat them matters a lot….. I discovered my girl will just sleep at home after morning chores and everyone has left for work so I asked her what she wants to learn or go to school…… She said saloon and I enrolled her so she lives d house and closes when d kids are back from school….. May God help us all cos it’s not easy to do all alone fa………”

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“I blame the mother… Why can’t u take care of 5 month old baby.. what kind of work or business are u doing that’s more important than ur Baby”

“Evil everywhere our own househelp locked my mum inside the house and took the keys away to oshogbo…..they can be so mean”

“why asking her questions, just give her the drink she mixed niii. pure wickednessblacksaluteit is pure wickedness but make una stop slavery self”

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“O ga, this world is so full of evil, Haba. How can a small girl conceive this evil and do it?”

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Wickedness: House Help Caught Feeding 1-Year-Old Baby Liquid Soap

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