Hot Gist: Tobi Bakre’s Friend Regina Narrates How She Almost Became A Yahoo Girl

Tobi Bakre's Friend Regina Narrates How She Almost Became A Yahoo Girl

Long Thread: Tobi Bakre’s Friend Regina Narrates How She Almost Became A Yahoo Girl

During the Big Brother Naija Double Wahala, reality TV show, Tobi Bakre mentioned a certain friend, Regina, and since then, eyes have been on her activities on social media. There were even those that insisted she was the girlfriend. However, the BBNaija finalist has brushed the rumours aside claiming she’s a friend who has supported him while in the house and out of it. The 26-year-old lady who happens to be a lawyer, shared a long thread on Twitter narrating how she almost became a yahoo girl.



Read her tweets below:

My ig analytics reveals 65% of my followers are btw the Ages of 18 – 25 years.This will be the first time anyone, including members of my family will be reading this story. I feel its important I do this because I do not knw whose life would be positively affected.

1. The first time I ever owned a laptop, I was 18 years old. I pressured my mom to buy me one because it would help me study and do more research work… lies!!

2. Back then, I lived in a block of apartments and most of my neighbors then were G boys! Yes I said it! I saw nothing wrong in what they were doing back then. They were always so nice. they will drop my friends and I in class, buy us food and even take us on driving lessons.

3. Some of them had up to 4 gfs and they all knew each other and were acting like wives. Some days, they would call the babes to cry over the phone with the voice of a 6 year old, saying they needed money to escape from Libya! Millions were sent and Boys were balling!

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4. I was in 200 level then and I was a sucker for the good life (still is) but I wasn’t interested in being a 5th gf! I wanted the millions, the cars and I even wanted to open a business lol (Lord have mercy on my soul!)..

5. Sharp sharp, Momsy paid 80k and got me a laptop! She couldn’t be seen to be a hindrance to the 1st class her brilliant daughter would make.

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6. So I took my lappy to the guy who was supposed to teach me. Baba kon dey ask for banku. That was it for me! I was so pissed and irritated at the guy and apparently he was the only one who had the “special software” at that time.

7. Days went by, weeks passed, months passed. Regina how market? Hafa that level? And I would respond “guy I don free am, shey you no wan do am unless I straff you”

8. That phase passed and years later i started hearing stories of how oyibo people were brainwashed and scammed of their life savings. Some even committed suicide! This got to me and I was highly disappointed in myself for ever thinking that way!

9. I continued studying and making good grades. Each time I looked at how hard my mom fought for my sisters and I to make something genuine of our lives it propelled me to study even harder.

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10. I graduated with a 2.1 in uni, went to law school and made a 2.1 also. I served in Ibadan. I worked in a law chambers where I was paid 10k per month and was owed over 4months salary till I left…lol

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11. When I moved to Lagos 4 years ago,I knew d competition wud b steep. But that didn’t deter me from pushing. I applied to 345 lawfirms/chambers on d island. In a day, I cud hv 3-4 interviews scheduled. Then I was using taxi 😂 but when money finish,I was taught d bus way 🙌🏽

12. I remember attending an interview at a firm on the island and the principal called me to his office where he had a huge shelf for law reports & compendium of laws.

13. Baba said, “if I ask you to find the Lagos Child’s Rights law, can you find it?”. I was smiling in my mind because I knew how to use the index in libraries. So I said “yes”. He asked me to look for it. Omo, it was at the bottom of shelf and I had to bend over

14. By the time I got up, I realized Barrister was using me to wank. I was so pissed I even threatened to report him to NBA. I left that place feeling used and dirty! The memory still irks me!

15. Fast forward, after several months of jumping from one interview to the next, I did an interview at my firm and I got the job.

16. Today I am 26 years old & I have worked on mergers and cross border transactions involving blue chip multinationals. Now I attend court, representing prestigious companies, companies everyone wants to work at. I know this is the very beginning for me and greatness awaits me.

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17. Trust me, there are days I do not want to be a lawyer or even go to work. But I can assure you that I am better off earning a decent living than engaging in fraud or runs (prostitution)!

18. lesson: Do something you will be proud of. Trust the process, Life always comes through, it don’t matter how long you wait! Quick money is not always the best money! (Shey una remember MMM 😭)

19. We live in a society where corruption is subconsciously embedded in our day to day lives and it takes a while before we see it for what it is! WRONG!

20. Do something genuine! Find a solution to a problem in this country & money will come. Imagine if U provided a service that at least 1million Nigerians used daily and they had to pay you N10 each time they used that service.U will be making at least N10M daily

21. I am looking for problem to solve o, cause there’s so much legit money to be made and mans need to cash out!


What’s you own process story? Share so we can encourage one another! This country is really hard, I hope my story blesses someone 🙏🏾

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Revealing: Tobi Bakre’s Friend Regina Narrates How She Almost Became A Yahoo Girl

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