Fans Think Shatta Wale Has Invited 4 SM Divas To Feature In “The Reign” Album Documentary In His House For Another ‘BJ’ S*x Tape [Strong Reactions]

Shatta Wale Has Invited 4 SM Divas To Feature In "The Reign" Album Documentary

Shatta Wale Has Invited 4 SM Divas To Feature In “The Reign” Album Documentary, Fans Think This Is The Real Reason

It’s no longer news that the dancehall star was accused of leaking a sex tape on Snapchat in which a lady had Shatta Wale’s, (many believe to be him) manhood in her mouth while expertly giving him a blow Job alongside another lad. It’s understood the ungodly sex act was shot at a hotel in Nima where Wale and his SM Militant had gone to shoot the video for their new song ‘Thunder Fire’. Days ago, Shatta Wale posted on his Facebook page inviting 4 SM divas to feature in “The Reign” album documentary. He wrote:

I want to invite 4 SM divas into my house for a chit chat and as part of my album launch documentary we going to talk more about how they see me and where they see me heading to ..This divas must have certain qualities the empire needs for the brand Shatta Wale and Shatta Movement as a whole ..So my Divas sit up cuz da competition is tight ..”

However, a lot of disturbing comments began to flood in. A lot of people expressed their reservations wondering why Shatta Wale wanted the ladies in his house and not another venue. Judging from their comments, the fans believe using his house as a location for a “chit chat” with the four SM ladies, could only mean another sex tape in the making. The commenters made it clear that Shatta Wale thinks strictly with his ‘third leg’.

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Shatta Wale Has Invited 4 SM Divas To Feature In "The Reign" Album Documentary (2)


Read some comments below.

*** “Certain qualities like a mouth that can suck dick or what? We see your strategy bro. We know what u wanna do Gbee Nabu”

*** “4 diva , one go suck anus , 2 go suck dick , 3 go suck pop skinny and 4 go suck Wale en manager”

*** “I never see people way fool like Shatta wale he funs, someone talked about dkc sucking nooor y’all bore dey insult the person, like gbé naabu never posted a video getting his dkc sucked by sm diva, lmao SM DIVAS, sucking movement divas”

*** “I remember the last time SmDiva’s where at your place it’s turn to sucking competition. Eeii Charles nunu talk say you want make them come suck you as pre-Album suck cus that is what you do. onukpa Buulubuulu”

*** “Is the Documentary to determine which girl got Plenty saliva or which gyal can swallow deep? ….no small lip allowed cos the distin can tear ur oesophagus… advice
Ah well…. New leak alert”

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*** “Now u talking as a porn director Chale porn hub needs u as a brand ambassador wossop do wild erh”

*** “Another B.J alert….. blowjob hene”

*** “Another blow job thing the come ooo, anticipate”

*** “I hope they ain’t gonna suck ur dick this time around boss?”

*** “Announcement of blow job competition.
I won’t be shocked to see people’s wives and girlfriends there too ooo”

*** “Another BJ in the making, the blow job competition make tight. The only qualities the divas need is thick lips and big mouth 4 sucking. The diva should be ambidextrous. SM Divas = Sucking Men Divas”

*** “Mr. Dickson shatta wale i kind of wonder who these sm divas are … They are all expired goods in the market free for use no price tag … For life is for sucking ofui”

*** “Ei do aa u they think say we be kiddies errhhh….you dier b tickling your self and be laughing at the same time”

*** “U want to do another Porn again, dis boy paaaaa ladies look Sharp oooo.”

*** “I am very very disappointed in you Charles. Shame on you. Aren’t you even ashamed?? You can do better than this. I will like to plead with you to desist from the path you are taking. We know you music career is on the decline and you are looking for ways and means to revive it or another path to take to stay relevant but I advice you not to follow the road of pornography. Charles you are a Father and you also have parents and loved ones who will be hurt if you continue to engage in pornography. Nobody knows how you feel,nobody knows the reason you are taking this decision Charles but what we do know is that it is the wrong path to take. There are soo many counselors in this country that can advice you and help you through this stage in life. I hope you take the right decision and not go ahead with pornography. We all love you Charles. DON’T CHARLES DON’T”

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*** “Dick sucking competition anaa. SM DIVAS make u all brush your teeth well ooo.”

Amebo Book readers, are these commenters right to be worried about Shatta Wale and his ‘third leg’?

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Wow! Fans Think Shatta Wale Has Invited 4 SM Divas To Feature In “The Reign” Album Documentary In His House For Another ‘BJ’ S*x Tape

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