“Being Selective Doesn’t Mean You Are Arrogant” — Nollywood’s Angela Okorie

Being Selective Doesn't Mean You Are Arrogant

Being Selective Doesn’t Mean You Are Arrogant — Angela Okorie

Angela Okorie has attempted to explain the difference between being arrogant and being selective of the crowd. The Nollywood actress prefers people avoid too much familiarity so as to know their worth. That said, Angela emphasizes the need for humility.

There’s the expression, “familiarity breeds contempt”. People generally begin to take you for granted when this happens. That’s simply because the more acquainted one becomes with a person, the more one knows about his or her shortcomings and, hence, the easier it is to dislike that person.

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Angela Okorie wrote:

“Be Humble but selective
Being selective doesn’t mean you are arrogant or proud.
cos people mistake both.
It simply mean you know your worth.
If you are too conscious of your personality
Avoid Too much familiarity.”

The Nollywood star had earlier explained the difference between “Fanship and Friendship”. She wrote:

“There’s difference between This Two “Fanship and Friendship”
A Real Friend is some1 with whom you can safely share secrets with
A Real Friend makes sacrifices
They protect u
Love you for real.
You Can only claim I am your friend
when I share some classified information about me with you
If I don’t do that with u you already know who u are.
So you need to differentiate Fanship and Friendship.
Some people claim they are friends with u , they don’t even know were u live , they are very good listeners, they want to know everything about u but you will never know there’s
Friendship is Expensive you can’t afford to have too many.”

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Being Selective Doesn’t Mean You Are Arrogant — Angela Okorie Says

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