Ghanaians Lash Out At Sarkodie After He Shared Peter Okoye Song On His Instagram Page, Say “That Foolishness Must Stop, These Naija People Act As If They Don’t Know Us”

Ghanaians Lash Out At Sarkodie After He Shared Peter Okoye Song

Ghanaians Lash Out At Sarkodie After He Shared Peter Okoye Song On His Instagram Page

There’s usually rivalry between Nigeria and Ghana in almost everything from football to even who cooks better jollof rice. This time, furious Ghanaians have descended on Michael Owusu Addo popularly known as Sarkodie, after he shared a music clip of a song done by Peter Okoye on his Instagram page.

Immediately the post was shared, the comments section started heating up. A lot of people lashed out at Sarkodie for promoting a Nigerian artiste on his IG page instead of helping ‘his own’. They claimed Nigerians don’t support the Ghanaians and that when artistes from the Banku loving country visit Nigeria to perform, it flops as nobody comes to watch.

See the post below.

Ghanaians Lash Out At Sarkodie After He Shared Peter Okoye Song (2)

Also read some carefully selected comments below.

merdfewcha: “Snitch Nigga!”

kjamesofgh: “How much dem buy u sark ?”

richmarrioceleb: “Lol Sark just know that u can’t force there to be there when there’s no there …you’ve been on this dickriding and self put put for Nigerians for all your life and it’s not helping u..Nigerians just love themselves so much that they don’t give 2 fucks about u no matter how hard u try to blend in …I saw @iamedemgh tagged u in a video that he sang and even mentioned your name in …u never even liked nor commented on it talkless of reposting the video …here u are posting an outsider who sees all of us less of a human …HELLO @sarkodie YOU GROW PASS THIS …STOP THE COCK SUCKING AND SUPPORT YOUR OWN …GHANA FIRST …. I’m expecting the backlash anyway so …since we all know how this social media thing dey and to the those fools who’ll come insulting me …I say you plus your fathers or your mordas all #Fokoloyor in advance..snakes”

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dopekhid_oficial: “at this moment the whole Ghana ebi KING SARK WEY e fool paaaa….. wey kinda foolish put put too this …. 2day jolof … tomorrow tuo zaffi we taya… u …when was the last time you shared Gh artist Project … u dey here dey hype aloo dead carrer…SMH … now adeg understand Shatta wale … what he always say is manifesting…. u r brand be cheap pass…. Support ur own masaaa m stop the aloo branding”

k_u_k_y1: “@sarkodie u mess up big time ! That foolishness must stop,these naija people act as if they dont know us like u said in an interview that’s what other countries do so its had to hit in their market so Ghana media should do those n today see what u doing eventho u saw what they did to ur 2 brothers days ago,we always show naija love and they never act same with us …its about time n quit that shit …u fuck up waaa ! We know Ghana naija thing but now we dont want it anymore FUCK THEM ALL ”

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greg_shilo_pada: “Sark respect yourself… In order to be valued, you must value yourself first… Clearly Nigerians don’t respect us”

nanaadufrimpong: “It’s about time Ghanaian artists like @sarkodie decides to promote gh music…sad how zylophon Artists flopped in Nigeria.. Hardly will you see psquare promoting Sark’s songs on his page.”

sir.nuruzhassan: “Hypocrisy and being sycophant is in #Sark’s blood… Keep licking their boots… We love your #artsbut not your #acts just know that .”

skippah_: “@sarkodie I’ve never followed u…I only came here to testify how STUPID you are !! From Rags to Riches and you haven’t learnt sense ?? DaftHead ..Promote your own !!”

ovrissa: “Sarkodie , I love you and I am from Gabon . Stop using your platform for a dark skin brother who only give praises to mix chicks ( mulato ) as they say . I don’t support his music , we support him yet I don’t see any Nigerian sister in his video . Only racially ambiguous women . Shit has been going on for a decade”

slaykingnanayaw: “But sarkodie paaa wey disgrace this, I thought you were a role model to some off us but this your act is childish, see how this Nigerians humiliated us because we blindly patronize their tracks and you are just here hyping another’s song, you deserve the bashing but you need to take this down cos they don’t fucking love you like love you sark, I am your number one fan but I am so disappointed in you for this act. We got a lot of upcoming artist you could have hyped their tracks not some one outta Ghana who disrespected your country Act, please have a rethink”

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roseline_berko: “I have never commented on ur page befr but I will today, even tho I like u… What u are doing ain’t good at all.. Today jollof rice tomorrow jollof rice… And today u are hyping peters song on your page. when was the last he did same for u or Nigerian artists doing same for us? Unless they ft in that song. U fill too big to even comment on a Ghanaian artists or celebrities page when u are tagged. U are bigger than this oo @sarkodie”

say_fin: “@sarkodie this post paaa de3 I wish u could remove it or it should be the last time pls…Nigerians don’t deserve it… @peterpsquare he didn’t even post ur wedding pics…does a ‘brother’ do that??…selfish Nigerians”

iam__inkredible: “Ever since psquare broke off the struggle hasn’t been been easy but when our Ghanaian artist here help them to resurrect their dead career neglecting what is home but goes around with mantra of #Supportyoutown , let’s dedicate our time and resources to push our artists who are not known to the international market not those who have already made like Mr.P”

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Furious Ghanaians Lash Out At Sarkodie After He Shared Peter Okoye Song On His Instagram Page

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