LOL! Here’s A Viral Video Of A Goat Drinking A Bottle Of Carbonated Drink

Viral Video Of A Goat Drinking A Bottle Of Carbonated Drink This video of a goat cooling off with a bottle of carbonated drink has gone viral. It’s really hilarious….

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“Merry Christmas guys!!!!” – Ghanaian Actor John Dumelo Wishes You In Hilarious Clip

If you never knew Dumelo had a great sense of humour or if you’ve ever wondered what he’ll look like as a lady, here’s your chance to. In a hilarious…

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Cheeky Chimpanzee Shows The Middle Finger To Tourist Who Took His Picture At Kibale Forest In Uganda

A chimpanzee obviously unhappy with a tourist who was taking his photo, registered his displeasure by sticking out the middle finger up at holidaymaker. Gil Gofer, 28, who had spent…

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LOL! Check Out Moment Sexy Girl Pranks Boyfriend Into Thinking She’s Dead By Faking Murder

A video has gone viral showing how a gorgeous lady played a jaw-dropping prank on her boyfriend by leading him into believing she was brutally stabbed to death. The video…

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Viral Photos Of Lady Trying To Take Perfect Photo But Lands On The Floor Instead

People who take photos regularly will tell you the different poses and places they have to go just for the perfect pics which they post on social media. These photos…

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See The Way A Girl Stored Her Boyfriend’s Name On Her Phone

According to the Twitter user who shared this on his page, a lady came to charge her phone at his place and this is how the lady stored her boyfriend’s…

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Chai! Nedu of Wazobia FM Ridicules Nigerian Male Barbie Bobrisky In Igbo And Hausa Languages While Translating To Him In English That He Was Praising Him

Firstly, you need someone who understands Igbo or Hausa languages ooh! Nedu of Wazobia FM just ridiculed Nigerian male barbie, Bobrisky and truthfully, it’s been long I saw or heard…

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LOL! This Dad Embarrassed His Daughter By Copying All Of Her Instagram Photos But Now Has More Followers Than Her

Ooh my! Have you been so embarrassed by your dad to the extent he copied your poses and outfits on social media only to end up having more followers than…

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LOL! See What Happens When A Dog Meets A Brave Cock

This cock is really not smiling ooh! Looks like it’s on a territorial mission.The video has gone viral and people are loving it so I decided to share with you….

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