The Body Of Santa Inocencia: See The Moment 300 Year Corpse Of Child Saint ‘Blinks’ At The Cathedral of Guadalajara In Mexico

A child saint who died 300 years ago, but was waxed and is behind glass, is said to have blinked at the Cathedral of Guadalajara, in Mexico. It’s understood that…

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See The Man-Eating Anaconda Measuring 10m Found By Workers Building The Belo Monte Dam In Altamira, Brazil

Construction workers found the enormous anaconda said to weigh 400kg while measuring one metre in diameter, following an explosion in a cave in Altamira, Pará.

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Power Of God: Pastor Prays Spirit Of Madness Out Of Popular Mentally Challenged Man On The Street In Ebonyi State

God is still in the business of miracles and all you need is faith just like the mad man said to be popular within the area in Ebonyi state where…

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