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Man Possessed By A Spirit Wife Makes Shocking Confession

Emmanuel Dickson: Man Possessed By A Spirit Wife Makes Shocking Confession

Man Turns To Snake Then Tries Attacking Pastor In CHURCH!!! A man identified as Emmanuel Dickson, from Bayelsa state has made some shocking confession while at TB Joshua’s The Synagogue…

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“We Are Marine goddess. We Are Two Billion. I Slept With The Family And They Used Her To Do A Sacrifice. We Initiated Her” – Marine goddess Speaks Through Ghanaian Woman Possessed By Python Spirit

Ghanaian Woman Mary Possessed By Marine goddesses Confesses On How She Destroys Lives A Ghanaian woman identified as Mary made one of the most shocking confession you may ever hear….

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Two Teenage Girls ‘become possessed and start babbling incoherently after receiving Satanic messages on WhatsApp’ In Tacna, Southern Peru

Two Peru Teen girls Become Possessed After Receiving Satanic Messages On WhatsApp Two teenage girls aged 13 and 16 became ‘possessed’ after receiving ‘Satanic’ messages on WhatsApp. This was disclosed…

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This Woman Claims Her Home Was Damaged By ‘Possessed’ Salad Dressing

Things are really happening ooh! A woman identified as Divel McLean, from Wyoming, claims her friend’s property was damaged by exploding salad dressing which may have been ‘possessed’. According to…

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Fear Trains! Photographer Micky Vermooch Captures Spooky Image Of Ghost Used On Same Train In Harry Potter Films

A photographer, Micky Vermooch, 63, from Scarborough, North Yorks, has captured the ghostly image of a girl while he was partying on the train used in the Harry Potter films….

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Viral: ‘Do I call parents or EXORCIST?’ Babysitter Mikaela Long Freaks Out When She Finds Neice Sleeping On Head

A babysitter got more than she bargained for when she spotted her neice on the baby monitor sleeping on her head having tucked her up in bed earlier. The image…

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Power Of God: Pastor Prays Spirit Of Madness Out Of Popular Mentally Challenged Man On The Street In Ebonyi State

God is still in the business of miracles and all you need is faith just like the mad man said to be popular within the area in Ebonyi state where…

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