“A Man Will Monitor You, Still Not Love You but Doesn’t Want Anyone Else to Have You” – Actress Tayo Sobola

Actress Tayo Sobola Love Monitor

“A Man Will Monitor You, Still Not Love You but Doesn’t Want Anyone Else to Have You” – Actress Tayo Sobola

Tayo Sobola, popularly known as Sotayo Gaga, has taken to her Instagram page to drop what would make an interesting topic to debate in an interactive way. The actress stated clearly that a man has it in him to monitor a woman who he doesn’t even love but surprisingly, would not want anyone else to have her. To be fair, the movie star made it clear that women are also guilty of this act. She ended by advising people to think well before they act.

She wrote:

“A man monitor you from now till tomorrow and still not love you but doesn’t want anyone else to have you and vice-versa! Use your head and thread carefully”.

So, why then do men/women engage in this behavior? After all, if you are not that into someone, let the person go. Jealousy or possessiveness should not be an issue.

AmeboBook will give you some reasons with one being insecurity. A person will monitor due to their own insecurities as they fear losing him/her to another person.

In fact, we also think there is no love but the person can’t let go because they are enjoying some major benefits that they don’t want another to enjoy. Funny enough, they can’t even marry the man/woman in question.

Do you know that while attempting to avoid social embarrassment, a man/woman who monitors you but doesn’t love you would not want anymore else to have you? This is possible. In fact, some of you reading this might not love the person you are in a relationship with and may even want out. However, the thought of what people would say slows you down from allowing the person get into a fresh relationship.

Let us look at some of the comments the post got.

Her colleague, Bimpe Akintunde Ganiyu aka WASILACODED wrote “That’s Obsession!!!!!”

Abiola Olaseeni Anike: “Obsession plus wickedness”.

____yvne took it to a different level describing such behaviour as “Serious witchcraft”.

belloaminat649 reacte: “Hmmm obsession and lus t …”

big_papa_collection442: “Same thing with ladies ma we will both use our head Thank you”.

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Man Monitor You Not Love Doesn't Want Anyone Else to Have Tayo Sobola

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