Crossdressers At War: “Bobrisky Is A Ritualist And Destiny User,” – Former Stylist, Seun The Diva

Bobrisky Is A Ritualist And Destiny User
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Bobrisky Is A Ritualist And Destiny User — Seun The Diva

In this moment, there appears to be all out war between two fully grown men who like to dress up as girls. Bobrisky’s former stylist, popularly known as Seun The Diva, claims the Nigerian male Barbie is both a ritualist and destiny user.

Bobrisky Is A Ritualist And Destiny User (2)

Seun had harsh words for Bobrisky on social media. He wrote:

“The God I serve I’ll punish you for talking about me on your Instagram, you this stupid old fool, bloody liar, do you think I want to close to you again, never it will never happen, let me tell you incase you don’t know. I serve I living God and he as never disappoint me.”

“I regret knowing you as a person in my life, you this waste of resources, be lying to people simply because you think they will believe you, it’s so very bad for you to be hurting people who is loyal to you, you are such an ungrateful bastard”

“To talk about this jacob matter, people will surprise, I know you in and out, you maltreated that boy because he has nobody, you turn him to a slave in your house because, there was nobody to rescue him, you give him beating like a prisoner every blessed day because there is no body to question you.”

“I shake my head for you. Don’t think you can kill me you this destiny user. Your stone that goes up will definitely come down one day. Hmmmm this guy is funny ooo.. who doesn’t know you as a liar, let me tell you, I will never forgive you because what you did to me pains me and it pains my creator as well.”

“You are a bastard you this son of a prostitute, all your bouncers who left you, do you think I don’t know their story. lol”

“I don’t even know where to start from because I am pissed right now. I stopped picking your calls who I found out the point that makes me depart from you, you know I haven’t told the reason why till now and am not going to say it here, I will say it to you face-to-face.”

“After saying it if you now want the fight, then we will do it together, many people might be scare of you because of your grandmother, lol, I got Jesus at my back, because there is no way the darkness will defeat the light of God, is not possible, I will be waiting for your madness, then you will now know the real mad sheun.

“Am not a ritualist like you, you this bloody fool, people will not understand what am saying but am very sure when you see this, you and I, understand it better. laugh out loud, you are the best bloody idiot I have ever met in my life, your real name is big idiot”

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Bobrisky Is A Ritualist And Destiny User — Angry Crossdresser Seun The Diva


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