Home Celebrity Gossip and News Fans Heavily Criticize Regina Daniels For Sharing Her Side-By-Side Photo And Asking Them To Choose Which They Prefer Amid Ongoing Protests – ‘Your Mother Didn’t Train You Well’

Fans Heavily Criticize Regina Daniels For Sharing Her Side-By-Side Photo And Asking Them To Choose Which They Prefer Amid Ongoing Protests – ‘Your Mother Didn’t Train You Well’

by Chike Ezegbu
Fans Criticize Regina Daniels For Sharing Photos

Regina Daniels has been put on blast for sharing photos amid the ongoing #EndSARS protests which has claimed lives and destroyed property.

Shockingly, the Nollywood actress who is married to Ned Nwoko, asked her fans to choose which they prefer between her side-by-side photos shared on her Facebook page.

This didn’t go down well with her fans who criticized her for being insensitive, childish and part of the problem of the country.

Reactions below.

Uzoekwena Freeman Chiemerie: Very stupid, senseless and useless girl. You think because you are married to your wealthy great-grandfather you are now safe abi? That’s why people are in pains and mourning nationwide now and you are here making fun of it by telling people to show their favorite between your two too ugly pictures. Your mother didn’t train your well. Beside, you are one of the oppressors in the society, that’s why you have the guts to push your staff in a swimming pool…. Mrs “Shot fuse”.

Blessing Blessing: “Regina, if truly you posted this Nonsense, then it’s clear to me that u are evil and God will surely punish u and ur generations for not tagging value to people’s live that are being wasted out theee.”

Chioma Odomah: “For me oooo, you are not in any way beautiful. I didn’t see any beauty in ur body. You are just using bleaching cream. If you are beautiful as you think you wouldn’t have end up in old man’s 🛏️ as a number 6 wife. Never you post this rubbish here again”.

Catherine Lahai: “I prefer when you were with somadina than when you are with ned because you have really lost weight, size , style, beauty, brain, pride and dignity ok please go back to your destined husband somadina adimma ok , ned doesn’t suit your blood because it is already drying up ok….”

Lilian Kamah: “Gina, please, if you are the one posting this please put a biggest stop okay, we are not happy by what is happening, can’t u see that, please my dear, show concern and stop posting for the moment… U r such a beautiful lady, u don’t deserve insult and course, just stop, stop and stop posting for the moment. Thanks”

Victoria Husseini: “Either Regina or imposter… Do have a a human conscience… It’s not right everyone are in the bad mood and you are here posting unnecessary things… If you don’t have any thing to post… Don’t post at all… Even children are affected by what is happening…”

Jennifer Jimoh: “Regina Daniel you are an adult now, at least a mother, posing in photos is not what Nigeria wants now, I live aboard all through out yesterday I wasn’t happy. You living inside that whole bullshit should understand better”.

No Ra: “Instead of you to post something sensible see what you are posting
Look at what your people are going through You are not serious”.

Amara Chris: “We understand the fact that your husband is a politician hence you wouldn’t see any need to post the pictures that matters at the moment with all due respect please stop constituting nuisance here.”

Juliet Nkechinyerem: “Zukwenu ike Regina!! What sort of nonsense is all these?, I believe you are no longer a baby, your fellow youths are out there risking their lives and dying like fowls and you are here showing us your beautiful whatever.. see, God will punish who ever that is responsible for all these post,,… Nonsense 😠..”

Wale MC: “Dear Regina, Your country is so soaked up with blood of innocent people about the end SARS protest and I see most of this celebrities fighting for the rights of their country but all this while haven’t seen you do that also as a celebrity, I always just see you post about your luxurious and successful life not even caring about what is going on in your country and thousands of innocent people being murdered at your doorstep every day, please your voice greatly counts, love your country coz the inhabitants shall be your own children and their children, have a heart!

Please speak out
Am Ugandan but I care
Thank you🇺🇬💔😭”.


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