Celeb News Today: LisaRaye McCoy Says Duane Martin “Stole” Her Husband From Her

LisaRaye McCoy Says Duane Martin "Stole" Her Husband
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Celeb News This Week: LisaRaye McCoy Says Duane Martin “Stole” Her Husband From Her

It’s no longer news that there are quite a number of people who believe that Duane Martin is a gay lord. They point at his unusually close friendship with actor Will Smith. This time, LisaRaye McCoy has blamed him saying Martin “stole” her husband the former chief minister of the Turks and Caicos, Michael Misick, from her.

In a recently released teaser from her forthcoming episode of TV One’s Uncensored, LisaRaye — along with her mentor Lynn Jeter and friend Kym Whitley — explained how the actor introduced women to her husband in hope that he would cheat.

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“As my reign as First Lady [of Turks and Caicos] became busier and busier and I found my position, then he was doing a lot more traveling by himself. And I was staying home, speaking at a school or having an appearance or something,” she prefaced her story. “And [claps hands] really, to be quite honest, then he became friends with Duane Martin, which used to be one of my friends on All of Us. When I introduced them, that was one of the worst things I ever did.”

LisaRaye explained that “somehow within that relationship, I lost my husband to Duane Martin and they became better friends than what me and my husband did and I couldn’t understand that for the love of God.”

Whitley echoed her sentiment, adding that while Martin “was her brother, best friend,” he “went dirty on her.”

“He became disrespectful with introducing my husband to different women and women that we actually knew as friends and associates,” LisaRaye added. “Yes, you know my dirt as my brother, my friend. But you my friend. I introduced you to him. What are you doing? I’m still kind of confused about that one.”

The video ended the Players Club star sharing where she and Martin stand today: “Needless to say, me and Duane don’t f**k with each other at all. F**k him. F**k him.”

Watch the video below.



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Latest Celebrity News Today: LisaRaye McCoy Says Duane Martin “Stole” Her Husband From Her


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