“Their Family Is Not For The Public” – Media Guy, Mazi Jude Pondis Praises Ruth Kadiri Ezerika For Keeping Her Husband Private And Choosing “Decency Over Drama”

Media Guy On Ruth Kadiri Ezerika Keeping Husband Private

“Their Family Is Not For The Public” – Media Guy, Mazi Jude Pondis Praises Ruth Kadiri Ezerika For Keeping Her Husband Private And Choosing “Decency Over Drama”

We have some scintillating tea brewing in the world of Nollywood celebrities, and it involves the stunning actress, Ruth Kadiri Ezerika. This time, it’s not about her latest film project or red carpet appearance but rather her admirable commitment to keeping her family life away from prying eyes. Yes, you heard it right! Ruth Kadiri has chosen “decency over drama” and has successfully kept her husband and family out of the public eye.

Being a celebrity comes with its fair share of challenges, including the invasion of privacy – something most of them signed up for. However, Ruth Kadiri Ezerika has managed to shield her loved ones from the spotlight, and kudos to her for that! Despite the movie star’s fame and success, she has remained tight-lipped about her husband, leaving the public intrigued and curious. The media guy, Mazi Jude Pondis, has praised Ruth for this decision, recognizing her commitment to preserving her family’s privacy.

Journalist Kemi Olunloyo saw the post and reacted: “She got mad at me in 2021 calling me names as they always do because I exposed her. He’s also someone else’s husband😁 Gossip news sweet me, and it’s the most interesting in Journalism. Keep up the good job, Mazi Jude Pondis.”

In today’s age of social media oversharing, Ruth Kadiri Ezerika’s approach is refreshing. While some celebrities make headlines for their dramatic personal lives, Ruth has chosen to focus solely on her brand and career. She proves that being a celebrity doesn’t equate to promiscuity or sensationalism. Instead, she exemplifies grace, elegance, and professionalism.

Favour Ruby agreed with the media personality but went ahead to mention other Nollywood actresses who preserve their family from social media drama: “Yes Duo. Not only her ooooooooo. Even me, I don’t know Queen Nwokye’s husband even after being married for years. Even Tana Adelena. Even Benita Oyuike. Many of them way understand family.”

Now, I know what you’re thinking – you want to catch a glimpse of Ruth Kadiri’s  mysterious husband, right? Well, you’re not alone. Despite various speculations and rumors circulating, no one has been able to definitively prove what he looks like. It’s almost like a game of hide and seek, keeping fans and gossip enthusiasts on their toes.

Rosemary Chinedum stated clearly that Ruth Kadiri had posted a photo of her husband on social media. However, she ensured his identity was hidden: “The day she posted him on father’s day, his face was not there.”

But let’s not forget that the thespian is not the only Nollywood actress who prefers to keep her family life under wraps. Favour Ruby points out other actresses like Queen Nwokye, Tana Adelena, and Benita Oyuike, who also understand the importance of preserving their family’s privacy.

Of course, not everyone shares the same sentiment. Ogochukwu Jennifer Udoye questions the significance of Ruth’s decision, stating that whether she posts about her husband or not, it doesn’t impact the price of fuel. While Ogochukwu has a point, it’s essential to respect individuals’ choices when it comes to their personal lives, especially in the spotlight.

Ngosweet agreed with Ogochukwu: “She no get husband, simple. Always speak for yourself not us.”

In the midst of these contrasting viewpoints, Inappropriate Prisess applauds Ruth Kadiri for her choice, emphasizing the importance of focusing on one’s career rather than airing personal matters for the world to see.

Chimezie Emeziem appeared to have Nollywood actors/couple Yul Edochie and Judy Austin Yul-Edochie in mind: “The worst part of it was how some women even married ones supported what that odiegwu did, knacking your sidechick till she got pregnant and then came and chase the first wife out, someone who said she is a woman then said if the first wife don’t want to stay, let her go, we are in support of you, our ogogwu,😔😔”.

Inappropriate Prisess commented, “This is one of your best posts, and you are 💯 right. Some people too like drama 😂😂 I won’t put my personal out there for the world to see, rather focus on my career❤️”.

So, kudos to Ruth Kadiri Ezerika for setting an example in the industry by prioritizing her family’s privacy over public spectacle. Her commitment to decency over drama is truly admirable. Let’s celebrate her success and applaud her for the choices she’s made.

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