Latest Hip Hop News And Rumors: Meek Mill Says Social Media Is Being Taken More Serious Than Reality – “Some People Don’t Even Know They Sick On This S*#t”

US Hip Hop News Today: Meek Mill Says Social Media Is Being Taken More Serious Than Reality

Robert Rihmeek Williams, popularly known as Meek Mill says it exactly how he perceives it to be. This time, the rapper with clout is taking a minute off the rap game and his business to raise an alarm over how people are so overwhelmed by social media that they take it more serious than reality.

According to Meek, this is the reason why he takes a chill from social media sometimes. The Philadelphia rapper also warned on the dangers of living in an “imaginary” world. He wrote:

Social Media Taken More Serious Than Reality Meek Mill

“Some people deeply caught up in social media and don’t even know they sick on this shit 24/7..this is a fun imaginary world with a lot of cap and false views of people real lives…but it’s being taken more serious than actual gotta check out off this jaw sometimes”.

Meek got some reactions.

“💯 @MeekMill facts cut that phone off sometimes but it’s more friends & family on the internet than your real family in reality when you do see people everybody in they phones 📱” Mookie

“when they find out that social media was the alien invasion in 200 years they’ll look back at tweets like this and call it scripture” MyerClarity
Love Me When I’m High

“I am jst imagining at ds war drums beating around which most pple on social media hv somehow likely turned into memes and taking for fun buh then all of a sudden only to wake up to Iran Hijacking the Internet already”. H+

“Keep in mind it’s social media. People will pick and choose what deserves their attention. Nothing personal”. StylezbyCharisse

“True……..but that don’t apply to me cus social media babe never get to me it does get to some but not me………it is what u said a fun imaginary world but at the same cost when I tweet certain things its for a good reason not because of social media what I tweet is about the” shaunda walker

“@MeekMill Amen, preach tell them bro! Social media is dead brainwashing people, people nowadays just is so glued and attached to social media and it’s so disturbing. People need to dead use social media less and focus on themselves and the real world!!!” SavageBrandon

” Agreed but It’s tough to ignore when the President of the US uses this medium to conduct actual government policy. Hopefully all of the people 18 and older will vote him out so that we can view social media as the place u describe.” Jennifer Flynn

“When your living under a certain tax bracket , people start to get bored because their actual life is in a repetitive cycle , most of us are not equipped with the knowledge needed to transform our reality inside the mind to play out in the physical world” OceanViewSlim

“I can’t even front bro … you was the first person stunting on Instagram… when it was just a filter app you was stunting lol I remember vividly.. to the point Instagram owes you a check”. Ell

“Yeah big dog its very addictive. I just really got on here recently and find myself on here more than I should be. I try and use it for good mostly but I am human and find myself searching for things just for me though.” Quantum_Family


Social Media Taken More Serious Than Reality Meek Mill (2)



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American Hip Hop News Today: Meek Mill Says Social Media Is Being Taken More Serious Than Reality


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