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“Nigerians Should Stop Pretending To Celebrate Christmas” – Kanayo O. Kanayo Says, Accuses Them Of Watching Fellow Citizens Go Into More Squalor

by Chike Ezegbu
Nigerians Pretending To Celebrate Christmas

Christmas means different things to different people. While some see it as an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, there are those who think it is actually a chance to flaunt their wealth and spend hundreds of thousands recklessly on gifts.

In fact, there are those who blow millions and share their purchases on social media for all to ‘bow’.

Hardly will they remember the underprivileged who are in the Motherless Babies Home (orphanage) or even a relative whom they know requires special help. There are also those in the hospitals suffering and can’t even pay the bills.

There are also people struggling to get into the Christmas Spirit but why wouldn’t they when they are not into charity?

Kanayo O. Kanayo tackled people like this in a video he shared on social media.

You can watch the video below which was captioned;

“WHAT DOES CHRISTMAS MEAN TO YOU? Nigerians should stop pretending to celebrate Christmas. Please be patient and watch”


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sarif.king_: “You have spoken well Sir, aside of movies, you’re special and a blessing to Nigeria, your words are full of Wisdom. God bless you Sir”.

blyngsedward: “Thank you very much for this note prof… Our government doesn’t knw their right from their left…. But I think you didn’t make this on time or probably not for this year’s purpose because it’s late to follow it especially the God fearing citizens which by they may have bought their good in exorbitant prices….

charlesdonennadi: “Sir all you said is fine and good but when you other goods from outside to Nigeria you will no that Dollar rate and clearing rate affected business man in so many ways is better you refer all this to government and again there cheap goods clothes people of you and I can buy but we prefer to buy expensive ones”.

superboyedu: “Especially Igbo people wey get aircraft…Dem no dey pity their people during their own festive periods…SAD!”

zira_everest_john: “So much wisdom and take note he started with the family, start from the family first before others”.

orangeman141: “No truer words has ever been said, here in the UAE during festive season, be it Xmas or Islamic celebrations I tems are sold at a very low discount prices. But in Nigeria it’s a season to steal from the poor. Smh”

its.mikky101: “God bless you sir…the one that family should come together and help the person that is not doing well…if we can practice that then this country will be great…now the problem is we keep electing leaders who don’t have ideal abt leadership…all this your ideal is what make a country great thank you n God bless you once more”.

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