Nollywood Actresses Are Either Snatching Husbands Or Boyfriends – Angela Okorie

Nollywood Actresses Snatching Husbands Or Boyfriends Angela Okorie

Nollywood Actresses Are Either Snatching Husbands Or Boyfriends – Angela Okorie

Angela Okorie has exposed some of the activities of her colleagues in Nollywood. While describing them as “girls”, she stated clearly via her Instagram page that these actresses are either snatching husbands or boyfriends for the simple reason of trying to “pepper” others. Not done, the thespian who also doubles as a singer, referred to her gender in the Nigerian movie industry as “Very low class people with no pedigree”.

There have been allegations in the past over snatching other people’s husbands and boyfriends with Nollywood actresses a no-go area for any man looking for a decent woman to marry. Many considered them to be promiscuous and not having qualities for marriage. Hence, a lot of people might agree with Angela Okorie. She wrote:

“Nollywood girls and snatching na 5&6
Is either they are snatching husbands
Or they are snatching boyfriends,
they sha won knack who you Dey knack just to pepper you
Very low class people with no pedigree ,after dem go Dey find respect monkey bananas
All of una wey Dey this table I Dey wait make I hear kpim
Make I drop una names local champs
Na dem Dey give person bad names, and their fellow snatchers will be backing them up for the nonsense their doing Ndi iberibe , Ndi ala , Ndi Nzuzu”.

Nollywood Girls Snatching Husbands Or Boyfriends Angela Okorie

Photo by Angela Okorie on Instagram

On the other hand, there were those who reacted in the comment section that Okorie is one of those guilty of her own allegations

ifeanyimagnus48: “Angela you fit swear say you never knackered person husband known or unknown?”.

_redbone14: “The internet has been calm since, carry your wahala go. He who is without sin should cast the first stone, I’m not saying snatching anybody’s husband or boyfriend is good but stop acting like you’re a saint with no sin.”

highlights_enthub: “We know that’s their main talent, but we still follow them “.

chigozie_uba2: “Don’t call Nollywood, is every where, even in the village and other countries.”

nwokorofranklinechima: “All of them are hailing you on the comment section so that you will not call there names i know u will call them wait Nation’s cup is still on and TINUBU in not in Nigeria Wright (Sic) now to defend him self because i know say that actress way carry him campaign for head”.

prodigyogbewi: “But have u at some point not slept with a married before??”

bebeg777: ‘Please shame the men too, they’re never the victims women try to protect at all cost. No one is “snatchable” they’re as well a full participant as the women.So go after both.’

_oluwakanyin: “Who snatched Angela’s boyfriend o???”

classybankz: “Ndi Ala to all of them . Them no born them well make them hiss talk less of talk . Their mind no go touch ground as them see this your post “.

1stdate_fashionconcepts: “thank God u are one of nolly wood girls and u are part of it. ahia onye na zu ka oma Anya ya. daalukwa rie nne”.

Nollywood Actresses Snatching Husbands Or Boyfriends Angela Okorie (2)

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