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Ghana’s Hottest Female Artiste, Wendy Shay Reacts After Photo Of Rashes Infested Butt Hits The Internet

by Chike Ezegbu
Wendy Shay Rashes Infested Butt

Photo Of Wendy Shay Rashes Infested Butt Goes Online, She Reacts

Wendy Shay is currently enjoing her career and has emerged as the biggest female artiste in Ghana. Her hits “Uber Driver” alongside “Bedroom Commando” and “Astalavista” tell her fans she’s not just a random musician trying to leach on the comparisons with Ebony Reigns.

Wendy Shay Rashes Infested Butt (2)

However, a photo emerged online which appears to show Wendy Shay with rashes infested butt. This has exposed her to media ridicule. She was performing on stage and it was while twerking that her bum was exposed to the world. This hasn’t gone down too well with Wendy who claims the “lame and shameful” image was photoshopped to bring her down. The beautiful hitmaker wrote:

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“My passion is entertainment and I am thankful for my God given talent of being able to sing. It’s quite unfortunate that in my quest to show it people who want to belittle what I can do hide behind the internet, as they project lame and shameful images which have nothing to do with me. Hiding behind the internet and sharing photoshopped images of me will not bring me down. I am here to show my talent to the world and the evil plans you have in mind will not pull me down. When will these acts stop, are women supposed to be a laughing stock whenever they want to achieve something useful in life? And fellow women also joining in such acts, will you be happy if I were your sister or relative? Support your own but you rather prefer to pull your own down. Feminism isn’t about making women stronger. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.”

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Amebo Book readers, watch the clip below and decide if the rashes infested butt belongs to Wendy Shay or not.



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See this girl ooooo….she claim the buttocks is not hers😕😕😕..smh

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Photo Of Wendy Shay Rashes Infested Butt Hits The Internet, She Reacts

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