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“Raising Kids Is Hard, Anyone Doing It Is A superhero” – Moyo Lawal

by Chike Ezegbu
Raising Kids Is Hard Moyo Lawal - Amebo Book

Moyo Lawal has taken to her Instagram page to clear the air on the misconceptions about her attitude including dislike for married people.

The popular Nollywood actress also stated clearly that she is a lover girl who heals for two years if anything goes wrong with her relationship.

Read her interesting post below and remember to slide through.

“Had to correct this NARRATIVE because I see some comments and ….. I get so confused …. ….. are this people talking about Moyo of Lagos or Moyo from Afghanistan ( get it because only terrorists mock or bully people) …

“Please do try to read to understand my posts don’t assume to know what it means …. Most times , I am joking or writing my own reality… …. I don’t need to lie (at least not for now)to you people , you cannot beat me

“I will never mock or try to bring anyone down …. Even if the person is trying to drag me down ( just not my style , although they say never say never , who knows what tomorrow will bring)

“However you see HYPOCRITES and people who judge others for SINNING different those ones deserve hanging …. ….. They are mad if in their mind , they think they are better human beings because their own sin is different

P.s if you don’t understand my post ( Also it is only people who LOVE with all their soul that will understand the **not married** because of love yet not people who jump in and out of relationships every other month or year , let’s try to respect each other’s reality ) …….. ……. … please ask or just move on biko … ….. we are all built to endure life differently ….. thank you…. meanwhile have you been to @moyolawalplus to order yet ??”

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