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“The Risk You’re Afraid To Take Could Change Your Life” – Chika Ike

by Chike Ezegbu
The Risk You’re Afraid To Take Could Change Your Life

A lot of successful people today will say it with their chest that they would never have been where they are today if they hadn’t taken risks.

Truthfully, the fear of failure hinders people from taking that leap of faith. What they fail to understand is that people learn from their mistakes which turns to experience.

With the experience gathered, certain errors that were initially made will be avoided or corrected.

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You know there is a saying, “Fortune favors the brave.”

In other words, taking calculated risks is encouraged as it can change your life positively forever.

Many successful business owners will tell you to leave your comfort zone to grow or expand. You will have to be innovative and have a creative mindset but this also requires taking risks.

In a new Instagram post, Chika Ike stated clearly that risks that people are fearful of are probably the ones that will change their lives.

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In her own words;

“The risk you’re afraid to take could change your life .❤️✨ #liveyourdreams”

Peep the post below.

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A post shared by Chika Ike (@chikaike)

In other news, Chika Ike is back on set a new movie, “A Mother’s Secret”.

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Zubby Michael is also starring in the movie which they have been promoting via their Instagram pages.

From what Amebo Book has seen so far, both Nollywood celebs have been putting in work.

Their interpretation of their movie roles has so far been awesome especially with Chika Ike considering she’s been out a while. Anyway, if you missed this story, you can read it right here!

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