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“They Literally Want To See You Beg On The Street” – Actor, Williams Uchemba Says As He Warns Against Those Fronting As Friends

by Chike Ezegbu
See You Beg On The Street Williams Uchemba

The world is full of evil-doers and sadly, most of them are close friends, relatives and other people you are supposed to trust.

Their hearts are not as sincere as they try to make you believe.

In a recent Instagram post, Williams Uchemba warned against allowing people “come close” to you especially as we have entered the festive season.

The popular Nollywood actor also warned against exposing your drink and going to use the restroom.

According to Uchemba, these people actually want to see others turn into beggars. He wrote:

“They literally want to see you beg on the street. And if the eyes can see the heart of men you will realize that most of them are fronting as friends and even feeding from the same plate with you. Be careful who you allow come close to you this season. Don’t leave your food or drink to go to the bathroom for anyone. The kind of evil in this world now even devil shock.”


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Reactions below.

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iamsamkeys: “Lol. Best practice is to shut the door out to negativity and negative people… Truly, there are a lot of people who want to see you beg, and they are everywhere. However, it’s left to you to decide where you’ll focus your attention. If you pay attention to those who don’t want you to rise, you’ll be stagnant. But if you focus on YOU rising, then you will SOAR and they will keep sinking because they can’t get you. Where your focus goes, your energy flows. Leave them to keep trying, they’ll all choke. Meanwhile, don’t forget to be your own security guard #selah”.

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star_angel1: “It will never happen ,My God will continue to disappoint them 🙏”.

ifeanyiakomas: “Its REALLY ALARMING how people want evil for others so badly😢🌈🙌”.

studiogenius__: “May God keep those kind of friends far away and bless us with wisdom always, Amen!”

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leroygramofficial: “God forbid!!!! God will keep blessing you nothing ndi uwa fit do NO LEVEL FOR DEVIL”.

iam_starkjozzy: “Fakers everywhere. May God protect the Good hearted from Evil people dat post around as friends. 🙏”.

fidelis5538: “Sounds funny but that’s really facts…people’d opt to see you in this pathetic condition than see you successfully than they do”.

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