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‘To Get The Most Part Of Life You have To Keep All Your Options Open’ – Actress, Dayo Amusa Says

by Chike Ezegbu
To Get The Most Part Of Life Dayo Amusa - Amebo Book

In a recent Instagram post, Dayo Amusa advised that all options should be kept open to get the most part of life.

According to the Nollywood actress, people lose it when their thoughts gets “rigid or formed” hence, it is important to be flexible so as to learn and yet have fun.

She wrote;


When ur thinking gets rigid or formed you’ve lost it. When u think u have all the answers or u get ur mind set in your own ways, you’re already part of history. To get the most part of life u hv to keep all ur options open, keep ur thinking & life flexible. If you’re flexible, you’ll learn & you’ll have fun. But If I keep standing ur grounds, cutting yourself off those that matters then u become boring, rigid, hardened & you’re likely to get knocked about without even knowing.

We all have patterns in life. We all like to tag ourselves as this or that & proud of our personal opinions & beliefs.

You have to see life as a series of adventure, a chance to have fun, learn something new about others, improve personally, expand your circle of experience & friends.
You have to be adventurous, change your thinking, step outside of your rigid mind, yjust go for it & see what happens. If all this thoughts scare you, you can always go back to your shell if you want to but I doubt you will.

The real flexible thinkers know when to say “NO” as we as when to say “YES”
If you want to know how flexible / rigid your thinking is, Have you found yourself saying anything like
* I don’t mingle with people like that * I can take care of myself
* I don’t go to those kind of places
* I don’t need anybody’s help
* It has always worked for me this / that way
* This is who I am
* I don’t need anyone

If so, am afraid it’s time to broaden your mind & take the shackles off your rigid thinking / mind before you loose all that matters in life.



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