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Would You Delete Your Social Media For A Healthy Relationship – Chizzy Alichi Asks

by Chike Ezegbu
Delete Social Media Healthy Relationship Chizzy Alichi

There are those who would consider as red flag a guy who tells his partner to delete her social media accounts if they are to have a healthy relationship.

In fact, an insecure and controlling person will use this as a way to trap his partner into his abusive relationship which is characterized by fear and not love.

For a relationship to succeed, trust and respect MUST be the backbone.

In a new Instagram post, Chizzy Alichi asks, “Would you delete your social media for a healthy relationship?”

The Nollywood actress got some reactions in the comment section of post.

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trexxious: “Yes I would delete it for a healthy relationship😍”.

mrbest.1: “A relationship without social MEDIA is a suicidal relationship. Abi me and her go seat down for one place? 90% of buisnesses has been expandeded and successful because if social media. NO, I WON’T”.

kingsharonstoneroyaltyconcepts: “Social media shouldn’t affect any relationship to start with. Healthy relationships happen when partners respect their relationship by been reserved and not allow themselves get carried away with happenings that may distract or raise suspicion. Then again Trust. Because if your partner can’t trust you with social media… he/she won’t still trust you without it.”

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lovelylilyij: “Beautiful❤️ You don’t need social media to have a healthy relationship but it can be a factor. Every situation is different.”

vickkynbenjamins: “NO. Because a healthy relationship won’t demand for that. Looking Good thou.”

omamensah: “No oo I can’t hubby know I was using social media before the marriage”.

sugar_perpetual: “If it cost me deleting my social media then it’s not healthy 💃”.

omosefeedugie: “What’s life without social media lol I won’t pls sir let’s break up……but chizzy you look gorgeous❤️❤️”.

meekness___: “No way that’s changing you. No man or woman should take away what you want just because u want to be with them! We should learn to trust our partners they ain’t kids! They know when to be responsible! Trying to change for someone is the reason why many people are unhappy in relationships.”

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kaydi_murray: “Gorgeous mami❤️❤️❤️….social media doesn’t determine the direction the relationship would take, it’s about u and the other partner and u gotta decide if you’ll make the relationship work #no #not_deleting_my_social_media #sorry #noy_sorry”.

Peep the post below.

Delete Social Media Healthy Relationship Chizzy Alichi (2)

So would you delete your social media for a healthy relationship?

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