Amber Rose Comes Under Criticism For Allegedly Laughing At Girl Who Was ‘Raped By Her Uncle’

Amber Rose Comes Under Criticism For Allegedly Laughing At Girl Who Was ‘Raped By Her Uncle’

Amber Rose Under Fire For Hanging Up On Rape Victim During Live Show

Self proclaimed feminist/actress/host Amber Rose has come under criticism for hanging up on a girl who confessed her uncle raped her during Rose’s radio talk show. She alongside Blac Chyna, decided to hold a live stream call-in event, where fans could call in and talk to them about any issues going on with their lives. A woman called who claimed she had been raped by her uncle but Amber hung up on her and this was going on LIVE!!

Amber Rose

According to reports, Amber Rose said “thats too deep” after she had hung up on the rape victim. Some fans are claiming Amber and Blac Chyna alongside some friends, started laughing about the incident.

However, Amber and Chyna are saying it wasn’t a big deal. It’s understood Amber wanted her fans to call in to confess things and that the rape victim was wrong for bringing that up at the moment.

Blac Chyna

Read what a Twitter user, @AmberTheActivist posted just before being block.

“Share if you support survivors! TRIGGER WARNING- molestation/incest 🙅🏽 Amber Rose is doing a live stream right now asking for confessions. A girl started telling about her Uncle molested her and Amber Rose HUNG UP on her and said “that’s too deep.” Then, Amber Rose, Blac Chyna and all their friends laughed. I thought you were and advocate for survivors @amberrose? How could you do that when the Amber Rose slut walk is for survivors of rape and molestation?? Oh that’s right- MONEY. I want you all to know that as I rise in fame and abundance, I will always stand with you and FOR you. I will teach you how to be divine feminists, how to heal from rape, and how to be spiritual sluts with grace 💅🏾 @amberrose is not fighting for us. She is fighting for HERSELF, her reputation, and desperate need to not be vilified for being a stripper once upon a time. I will always stand with you, for you, and I will always believe you!! I was totally for the cause but @amberrose just revealed herself to be a scam. 🙄 See last post✨ #CreatingConsentCulture#amberrose #amberroseslutwalk #ignoranceg”.

Blac Chyna With Amber Rose

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