“Any Tribalistic Person In Nigeria Is Brain Dead” – Film lord, Frederick Leonard

Any Tribalistic Person In Nigeria Is Brain Dead Frederick Leonard

“Any Tribalistic Person In Nigeria Is Brain Dead” – Film lord, Frederick Leonard

Frederick Leonard has strong words for any tribalistic person living in Nigeria. The popular Nollywood actor described them as “brain dead”.

Sadly, the Film lord is correct especially regarding this 2023 Nigerian presidential election. There are those who are playing tribalism regardless of the hardship many are going through in life.

They forget that there are no gains when tribalism and r eligious sentiments are brought into play. Hence, Leonard wrote:


There were reactions.

lordkabaski: “But why not try to warn your people to stop trying to lay claims on Lagos, its called EKO for a reason… EKO is a Yoruba word. Hatred and tribalism won’t stop if they don’t stop… That’s exactly the major right between them and Yoruba’s at the moment”.

productofgraceofficial: “What Nigeria should do now is this, Tinubu go and rule the oduduwa nations, Atiku go and rule the Arewa nation, then Peter Obi go rule the Biafra Republic. This is my judgement.”

_esteelouder: “Simple You’re choosing Tinubu because you’re Yoruba would not make you buy fuel for 250 and i buy for #800”.

esther_modella: “Funny enough tribalistic person will travel abroad and complain about racism… like what is the difference between them? Bitter people!”

omosedeobas: “Should I start calling names. Because alot of celebrities are brain dead 😭is sad”.

ambassamary: “Tribalism is a tool used by the rich to divide and rule the poor..”

tasha_onyeukwu: “Aswear, many have put their tribes to de side for a better future for their family yet many foolish tribes rather continue in struggling and no peace. I see Jacob and Esau all through Nigeria. Either all tribes in Nigeria want to make Africa what Africa is suppose to be and not a continent that the Whyte man keep looking down on us as, as our brothers and sisters abroad are scared to even come and see what a great country we truly are when we finally get there. This rubbish has to end, we are what will make the whole Africa a giant. When this tribalism stops at believing it’s only about one’s tribe and know that we all come from one father from the beginning Adam, sticks that are separated are weak, but together we will stand and the Western countries and Asia have no chance against us. Yet, we are the ants constantly being washed away and stepped instead of the ants that build together and not leave brothers and sisters behind. Abeg, Abba Yah cleanse our land from these wicked people”.

betty_omohhh: “Brain dead with caption, I hav lost frnds becos of this . I cut dem off and put them in their place. They ain’t valid anymore👎👎👎👎”.

ifeoma.osuji: “If people can give up their tribes, we will be richer, both spiritually and in our wallet.”

richukwudi89: “This matter just tire me..see the mess we are In and sombody somewhere is still talking abt tribe this nd tribe that..I am just so weak in my inner bones..so tired for this country matter”.

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