“Don’t Ever Forget Your Values Because Of Attention” – Nigerian Actress, Sharon ooja Egwurube

Don’t Ever Forget Your Values Because Of Attention Sharon Ooja

“Don’t Ever Forget Your Values Because Of Attention” – Nigerian Actress, Sharon ooja Egwurube

Sharon Ooja Egwurube might be living a glamorous lifestyle but she is a woman of principle. The popular Nigerian actress will not forget her values all in the name of seeking for attention.

In a recent post shared on her Instagram, Sharon Ooja advised her fans to stay true to themselves.

When it comes to social media, many people forget the principles that help them to decide what is right and wrong just to get “likes” and “comments”.

Hence, the thespian wrote;

“Don’t ever forget your values because of attention … stay true to yourself … stay in your light”


“I Was Raised To Respect And Value Men, I Don’t See Myself As A King Like Other Women” – Nollywood Actress, Ini Edo

Ini Edo is easily one of the most respected in the Nigerian movie industry. The popular Nollywood actress has millions of fans across the world who love, respect and look forward to her updates on social media.

In a recent interview, the actress appeared to distance herself from being a feminist because she was raised to value men. The thespian also made it clear that she cannot refer to herself as a king.

According to Ini Edo, she was brought up to have respect for men. Hence, she prefers to represent both men and women.

The movie star further added that she identifies more as being a queen preferring men to be king. She said:

“I was raised to respect and value men; I don’t see myself as a king like other women.” I’m not a feminist; I prefer to represent both genders because I was raised that way.

“I’m not the type of woman who tries to be the king; I prefer to be a queen on my own and let the man be the king.”

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