“Everything In This World Is Vanity” — Nollywood Actress, LizzyGold Onuwaje Reminds Everyone To Stop “Competing Unnecessarily”

Everything In This World Is Vanity LizzyGold Onuwaje

“Everything In This World Is Vanity” — Nollywood Actress, LizzyGold Onuwaje Reminds Everyone To Stop “Competing Unnecessarily”

Nollywood stars possess a mesmerizing talent that effortlessly draws us into their on-screen world, but don’t be fooled by the dazzling allure of their lives. Behind the camera, they reveal fascinating layers that go beyond the surface of glitz and glamour. These talented actors and actresses have some profound insights to share about the world beyond the silver screen. One such movie star who never shies away from speaking her mind is the talented LizzyGold Onuwaje. In a recent social media post, the “Single Ladies” actress shared a profound message that connected with her fans and followers.

In her caption, LizzyGold emphasized the fleeting nature of worldly possessions and the importance of redirecting our energies towards more meaningful pursuits. She urged her fans to stop competing unnecessarily against each other, especially when it comes to material things. “Everything in this world is vanity,” she declared, reminding everyone that we cannot take material possessions with us when we leave this world.

This thought-provoking message struck a chord with many Nollywood celebrities and fans who commented on the post. Ogbu Johnson acknowledged the unpredictability of life, emphasizing that nothing is promised. Urennaya Juliet Adolphus blessed LizzyGold for her wisdom, while Ezeh Regina Chinwe (Gina Kings) expressed gratitude for personal growth.

However, not everyone was impressed, as some accused LizzyGold of hypocrisy. One commenter, “ask_of_surest_,” suggested that she was preaching what she didn’t practice, specifically mentioning a feud with Luchy Donalds over Destiny Etiko. Despite the criticism, many others appreciated LizzyGold’s genuine intent. Mrbest.1 dubbed it the best post of the year, and nickigold7057 praised her intelligence.

The underlying message from LizzyGold’s post is clear: let go of negativity, forgive, spread love, and focus on self-care. She emphasizes the importance of checking on one’s health and giving oneself enough rest. Tomorrow is never guaranteed, and it’s vital to prioritize our well-being. Additionally, she encourages everyone to get closer to God, highlighting the significance of faith and spirituality.

It’s not out of place to think that LizzyGold Onuwaje was reacting to a video showing Ruby Ojiakor vowing to deal with Destiny Etiko for talking ill about her.

If you recall, Ojiakor recently called out her colleague, Etiko for allegedly talking bad about her. In fact, she was seen under the rain swearing to get the Drama Doll and make her to answer for this.

Thankfully, Evan Okoro appeared to cool tension when she stated that it was just cruise which gave the impression that the actresses were just having fun. Taking to the comment section of a popular Instagram blog, the actress reacted: “😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 crazy girl, abeg na cruise ooooo ruru my baby….. I love 💗”.

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