“I Do Not Have Any Baby Born 1st Of April” — Ghanaian Actor Prince David Osei Admits It Was A Joke

I Do Not Have Any Baby Born 1st Of April

“I Do Not Have Any Baby Born 1st Of April” — Ghanaian Actor Prince David Osei Admits It Was A Joke

Prince David Osei Says He Did Not Welcome Any Baby, It Was April Fool’s Day Joke On Us All

Yesterday, a lot of people celebrated Easter. While we were all having so much fun with friends and family, drinks and food, Prince David Osei decided to enjoy April Fool’s Day with a joke. The Ghanaian actor said he had welcomed a baby with his wife.

A lot of people unknowingly sent the actor congratulatory messages. However, Prince David says it was all a big joke!

Read his message below.

“Gm lovely people,I want to take time to express my profound gratitude and admiration.Firstly, I want elucidate the rational behind my infamous post yesterday April 1st,some people thought it was a PRANK,because it was 1st of April,but believe you me, was never my intention or objective to abuse your sensual faculty by provoking your ecstatic anatomy to ascertain the veracity of my post. In order to genuinely celebrate the entry of my beautiful queen,lady goddess divine..However, with much excitement and uncertainty in relation to how many female hearts, I have hurt by announcing the emergence of my baby gal,though alot celebrated with me,but their hearts were equally irrevocably shattered because the opportunity of misbehaving with me has become inversely proportional to the expedited rate of my child bearing,which is arguably alarming taking into consideration of the fact that, I do not have any baby born 1st of April..So in a nutshell I wish to say in no particular order,that pay no hid to the April 1st post,because whether you insult me or laugh out loud in your homes all I want to say in plain english language is thank you for being there and making this year’s April Fool Day a memorable one..Love you all ..pls no vex..YESTERDAY POST WAS APRIL FOOL..THANK YOU”

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“I Do Not Have Any Baby Born 1st Of April” — Prince David Osei

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