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“I’m Only Attracted To Your Brain. You Are A Short Fool” – Intoxicated Erica Confronts Laycon

by Chike Ezegbu
Intoxicated Erica Confronts Laycon - Amebo Book

Laycon Is Evil, I Will Make Sure He Suffers In Life – Erica

Erica confronted Laycon after he refused to speak on allegations that she tried to kiss him on several occasions. The BBNaija 2020 housemate was not economical with words as she openly ripped into the musician describing him as a ‘disgusting liar’ while vowing to “make sure he suffers in life”.

All this went down during the Saturday night party. Erica who was clearly tipsy, called Laycon “ugly”, a “fool” and an “idiot”.

The furious housemate then said she was only attracted to Laycon’s brain.

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“You are a fool. You are lying that I tried to kiss you. You can prove that I tried to kiss you?

“Laycon was my friend but now he is shit. He was using me to trend. I’m not scared of anyone in this house. Laycon is an idiot. Why will you lie about me?

“I’m only attracted to your brain. You are a short fool, your whole body is like a broomstick. One week has passed and you can’t prove that I tried to kiss you severally.

“As skinny and ugly as you are, you don’t have anything to trend with. Why are you always talking about me in the first place.

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“The only thing Ebuka always asks you about is Erica. Your whole body is like the drumstick of a chicken.

“I was attracted to your brain but right now your brain is evil. Laycon is manipulative and everyone is taking his side. I will make sure he suffers in life. I will do everything in my power to make this possible.”

If you recall, Ebuka asked Laycon to clarify his statement that Erica tried to kiss him on several occasions.

The question clearly made Erica annoyed so she confronted Laycon. However, he stood his ground that he was not going to discuss the matter.

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