“Marry Me Or I Charge You To Court” – ‘Runs-Girl’ Threatens Guy ‘Who Look Just Like wizkid’

“Marry Me Or I Charge You To Court” – ‘Runs-Girl’ Threatens Guy ‘Who Look Just Like wizkid’

Things are really happening ooh! A ‘Runs-Girl’ identified as Miracle, is currently making waves across social media. Why? She has threatened a guy who paid her for some ‘servicing’. The lad is said to have taken a photo of himself with the lady chillin in bed (the one above) after he had ravaged her, only for the photo to leak.

She is now threatening the lad that either he marries her, or she reports the matter to the police. Anyway, some are whispering aloud that the lady is decent and that she met the ‘customer’ and fell in love with him just like any other lady. The ‘runs girl’ now wants to slam him with a massive defamation lawsuit in court.


“The lady (Miracle) is not a runs girl. She allegedly meant this guy, who look just like ( #wizkid) last months at a bus stop. And after about two weeks of knowing each other, she decided to give the guy her package… The source said she was fully aware when the guy was taking the pictures, But didn’t think the guy will be so foolish to distribute the pics to his friends.

“The guy wasn’t the one that leaked the pics. The guy sent the pics to a friend, and that friend sent it to another friend, and another friend-friends….That’s how the pic finally made its way to the Internet.

“As at right now, the lady is planning on reporting her boyfriend to the police or the guy must marry her since she’s now popular for the wrong reasons and maybe hard for to get a husband.”

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