See The Lambhorgini Man Built For Himself From Secondhand Car Parts

See The Lambhorgini Man Built For Himself From Secondhand Car Parts

Driton Selmani is a sports car enthusiast who wanted some really hot car but didn’t have the money. This didn’t deter him as he had the talent for bending and welding metal. So what next did Driton do to bring to reality his dream sports car?


Driton from the eastern Kosovo town of Gjilan, built a Lamborghini for himself! Yes, you read right. He got into his workshop and using a secondhand Mitsubishi Eclipse, the engine of 3.0-liter Mitsubishi Galant and other car parts, he set about setting his dreams come true.


Even though it took Driton over a year to build his Lamborghini, his dreams were eventually realized as his second hand car parts eventually took shape and transformed into a white replica of a Lamborghini Reventon with a black and red stripe symbolizing the colors of the Albanian national flag.




Wow! I think Driton Selmani deserves an award ooh! What do you think Amebo Book readers?



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