Someone Ordered $400 Cake So It Looks Like His Newborn Nephew But This Is What He Got

Man Orders For $400 Cake So It Looks Like His Newborn Nephew But Got This Instead

Chai! Some people…How does this look like a newborn baby?! Then again, some babies look a little old at birth. Anyway, the person who shared the post, “Fifthavebucks” took to social media to share and wrote:

“I’m mad as shit. This bitch charge me 400 for this cake. I told the bitch make a cake of my newborn nephew and this bitch made me cake of a nigga that look like he play the saxophone.”

Amebo Book readers, what if you paid for a cake worth $400 and left instructions that it resembles your nephew and get an ‘old baba’ looking cake instead?

Hang on, unless this is what the people who baked the cake feel this is what the baby really looks like.


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