“Sometimes I Avoid People” — Zubby Michael

Sometimes Zubby Michael Avoid People

“Sometimes I Avoid People” — Zubby Michael

Zubby Michael is easily one of the most recognized faces in the Nigerian movie industry. His “bad boy” roles has endeared him to so many fans.

The popular Nollywood actor is always busy either on set, or taking care of some of his other businesses. Hence, Zubby has not much time to socialize with everyone.

In fact, in a recent post shared on his Instagram page, the “Condemned By The Soil” actor disclosed that he sometimes avoids people.

Although Zubby Michael did not really give any reasons, most people keep away from others at times just to have their peace and enjoy some alone moments.

He wrote;

“Sometimes I Avoid People, GOD Is Real”

Some of his fans reacted in the comment section of the post.

jeffmani6: “Eze happy Sunday from here true talk sometimes avoiding people keeps you going up up 🕊️❣️”.

lifeofamarachi: “It’s the caption for me 😂🙌❤️”.

am.global_: “True Talk, For One’s Sanity n Peace of Mind. Less Pressure 🔥🔥🔥🔥”.

kiss_dad: “We will surely meet no matter what it takes”.

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