“Where Are All The Witches” – Actress Jumoke Odetola Cries Out As She Attempts To Go Supernatural After Lekki Toll Gate Massacre

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“Where Are All The Witches” – Actress Jumoke Odetola Cries Out As She Attempts To Go Supernatural After Lekki Toll Gate Massacre

Jumoke Odetola wants women with evil magical powers to intervene in the Lekki Toll Gate Massacre. While calling on the witches, the Yoruba movie actress expressed disappointment at their silence before going ahead to warn producers not to call her to play the role of a witch anymore.

She captioned the post: “May the souls of the fallen heroes rest in peace. The labor of our heroes past shall never be in vain”.

See for yourself.

Reactions below.

beautybee_innovation: “Do you think witches like good things. They can only enjoy blood not water or sweat . Jummy it is well. Only God can intercede in this matter not witches….”

adisanafisatadejoke: “Exactly, what I’m saying presently. Where are those witches that used to tied down people’s glory”.

adeyemigangan: “jumokeodetola@ samething I ask someone yesterday, if we have them let them know we are ready to sacrifice all Nigeria politicians to them as their meat o . Them no need meat from now till ten years, if them finish their make they starting talking from Nigeria military or police”.

alade10q: “So im not only thinking this shitt. No wonder my wife always call me your husband. Fr its obvious theres no witchcraft kankan”.

official_fawas_atanda: “Most of the witches have collected bribe by those bad leaders my sister but I believe some will intervene as soon as possible….😥😥😥”.

ifatoroaduni: “Jumoke.. Jumoke.. Aaje ‘/tradition that we no longer respect, we treat our tradition has trash against another man’s religion.. And u expect a father u ignore, come up now.. It’s not done that way, reason am…..”

shakira.badmusl: “I tire my sister ooo cos I expect all the witches and wizards to come n kill all these government personnel oo”


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A BIG SHAME! DISGRACE & A TENABLE REASON for so many wrongs, which we have helplessly/cowardly accepted as ‘our’ norm. Shedding innocent blood of citizens with no weapons, spilling the blood on the ‘treasured’ national flag Amidst all the chaos, a harmless protester held on to the national flag as the only weapon of defense, and you dare shoot at him, spilled his blood on the national flag, and the Armour of refuge becomes an ordinary piece of clothing 🇳🇬 I have never been this emotional and angry in my spirit about the situation in this country as I am this night. The feeling I got from watching the live video of @djswitch_ cannot be articulated in words at the moment 💔 I am still shaking and my head banging hard Which way? E go better…? With no direction? When Intimidation and oppression becomes the tool as against civil dialogue. Posterity will judge all the bad leaders acting as “god” I am lost on what to think or where we are headed. God bless and protect @djswitch_ You are a national treasure, your bravery and composure is second to none. I pray for the safety of everyone still out there. I am sad and heartbroken 💔 “Awon kan nse bi olodumare”

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