“Your Ex Allegedly Always Tell People You Were A Great Wife” – Uche Maduagwu Tells Ini Edo

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“Your Ex Allegedly Always Tell People You Were A Great Wife” – Uche Maduagwu Tells Ini Edo

It is no longer news that Ini Edo has revealed why her marriage to Philip Ehiagwina crashed. In an interview with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu on the Rubbin Minds Show, Channels Television, the mother-of-one blamed it on distance and interference.

However, the popular Nollywood actress added that the experience has made her wiser, stronger and more mature. She said:

“No matter the indifference or incompatibility, if you’re together in love, a lot of things can actually work out. However, you don’t get to work things out when there is no contact. When you are with someone, and you can’t agree on certain things or find a common ground, I think being together could have actually helped us to understand each other better.

“Most of the time, we attract the wrong people, sometimes for the wrong reasons. Because when people come to you because of what they see on TV, it’s hard for them to accept you, considering the fact that you are just acting because that is your job.

“When they find out that it’s not the real you, it becomes a problem. Marriage is an experi­ence that I don’t regret. My ex-husband met me as an actress. My job takes my time because, naturally, there are certain roles you are not allowed to play once you are married.

“Even if your husband understands, his relatives might not understand. My ex-husband is the last child, so family interference in the marriage was normal.

“Marriage has taught me a lot of lessons, it made me wiser and stronger. I think it actually made me more mature. I don’t think I married too early, maybe I was a little in a hurry”. 

While reacting to this hours ago, Uche Maduagwu wrote on his Instagram page;

“Dear Aunty INI, stop blaming yourself for why your last #marriage Pafuka, your gave it your #best but the only reason it Pafuka Na because #Jesus wanted you to be a #mum before smelling blissful marriage specifically at above 40 years. Even till date your ex allegedly always tell people you were a great wife.

“Dear sister, Destiny can not be changed, you no be Bob ONIRO risky Wey Dey always try to use Linus KUNU filter to cover his Oniduromi Odor, Awon I Rent 400M mansion then do house warming Ambassadors, dear sis, your Traditional marriage is destined to hold in less than 9 months, congrats, to all the ladies praying for wedding it will happen speedily this year”.

Peep the post below.

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