Respect Your Body Because It’s The Only One You’ve Got — Princess Shyngle

Princess Shyngle Says Respect Your Body Because It’s The Only One You’ve Got

In an era body enhancement is dictating who is beautiful and who isn’t, Princess Shyngle an unapologetic advocate of ‘tampering’ with the natural physical form, took to her Instagram page to tell her followers to respect their body because it’s the only one they’ve got.

Respect Your Body Because It's The Only One You've Got

Princess Shyngle who recently ‘confessed’ to being a man, admitted she had removed five of her ribs to get the banging body she has today. She also jokingly disclosed she has the same number to go to achieve her #goals. Meanwhile, the actress also said she has removed her small intestines.

In other stories about Princess Shyngle, while using Cardi B as reference, the Gambian star bragged about her achievements and how her movie, The 30 Year Old Virgin, had progressed beyond imagination. She wrote:

“What didn’t they say about Cardi, oh she’s too ratchet, she’s a hoe, she’s a cheap stripper, she’s always naked, she’s not talented but look at her today apart from being one of the best rapper in the world right now she’s a freaking brand ambassador for Pepsi, a global brand .. if this doesn’t inspire me then I don’t know what else will. From now on if any friend or family member calls me to tell me I expose too much, I say too much, I should dress and act like certain celebrities I’ll literally cut you off I swear. I’m living my dream and working hard towards achieving my goals and vision …. oh by the way DSTV African magic just bought my movie The 30 Year Old Virgin , a movie that I wrote, screenplayed, produced and acted in for millions (naira ) and I’m literally on cloud nine right now abi they say I’m just a useless Instagram model , who is always naked just for attention please tell me how many Instagram models produce, write, screenplay and act in a movie @princessproductionsfilm … Africa y’all underrate me too much abeg I’m off to Hollywood I’m in love with February already abeg slide to the left to watch the official trailer of The 30 year old virgin showing this February on African Magic Showcase”



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Actress Princess Shyngle Says Respect Your Body Because It’s The Only One You’ve Got


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